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Swansea girls photo

After the Norman conquest, was a Marcher rule made ​​under the title Gower. It included land around Swansea Bay on the River Tawe, the manor of Kilvey beyond the Tawe, and the peninsula itself. Swansea City was named head of the estate and receive

Swansea beautiful girls photo

Swansea beautiful girls photo

In medieval times, Swansea was a prosperous trading town, after some significance as a place to get. It was during the Industrial Revolution, however, that the town flourished and the population grew. The city is home to the first passenger rail service in the fondly known as the Mumbles Railway, which bumped and bounced along the beach five miles from Swansea, linking downtown to the suburb of Mumbles.

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Swansea beautiful girls photo

Downtown little evidence of the parties outside the line of the road, remains of medieval Swansea and industrial importance the target of the bombing, known as the city BlitzThe three grade one listed buildings, which are the Town Hall, Castle and Swansea’s Morriston Tabernacle.

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